A Shoe for Over Pronators!

I found out that part of the reason I have plantar fasciitis is due to my low arch and over pronation. Here is an image that illustrates what that looks like (a bit exaggerated).


I was using inserts from the pharmacy, but now I got these


They are much nicer than running with an insert in – better correction, comfort, and support. They have a nice video on the Zappos site that was very helpful in my choice making. I would recommend these to anyone who over pronates.
I’m open to any other advice for correcting plantar fasciitis. I want to run without pain!

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Running Again!




I’m running again! I have taken a break as I battle plantar fasciitis. It’s not gone, but I’ve learned enough about it that I’m giving running a try again to see how it goes. It’s so frustrating to deal with an injury when I’ve finally learned to love running! I will keep icing, stretching, and may even need to get some night braces, but I’m gonna keep trying. There is a “Monster Mash 5K” coming up in Warroad, MN on October 19 and I plan to attend and run the majority – if not all – of it.
I hope you enjoy my fall leaves photos from my run today! I had to hit pause on my app and give them my attention. I am especially drawn to oak leaves as my daughter in heaven is named “Nara” which means”Oak”.

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Simple Stretching & Self Massage for Plantar Fasciitis

This video is a great one for stretching and massage of plantar fasciitis. It’s a bit long, but feels and looks like it will be very helpful! I definitely recommend it for anyone with arch pain.

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So It Seems I Have Plantar Fasciitis (resource links) …and Week 9 Day 1of C25K

I did Week 9 Day 1 of Couch to 5K the other day.  I made my best distance and pace yet!  I tried to follow the breathing from a video I reblogged a while back and apply some of the running techniques from the video I linked you up with last week…(which I need to revisit and find more like it because it improved the speed and feel of the run, but I know I don’t quite get it yet).  So the run felt good…

But I’ve been dealing with some foot problems for a while now that had been getting more and more bothersome.  I got some insoles in my shoes to help with my pronation and provide more cushion, but I didn’t do that until a week ago.  What was really puzzling to me was that my feet would hurt so bad first thing stepping out of bed in the morning.  The entire bottoms of my feet felt swollen, painful to walk on, and stiff.  They ease up after a while of walking, then slowly get to that point later in the day.  It gets hard to do much of anything on my feet by the evening.  Sounds like that is a classic plantar fasciitis definition.  I didn’t know – so I thought I’d share in case you didn’t know.  Here are a couple of initial resources.  I love the video – very practical and visual descriptions and home treatments to try.  I like the cool running article, too.  I first looked at web MD and that article freaked me out.  I searched for this from cool runnings since that is where my running app is from and it was a lot more reassuring.  I have worked too hard to stop now!  I will rest  and treat my feet, but I’m not done.

What Cool Runnings Has to Say About Foot Pain

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Running Makes Us Happy

Woke up at 4:20 to get set and head out on a run. Unfortunately, our toddler had crawled in with us last night and -hasn’t happened in about a year, but -he’d accidentally flooded our bed. Bedding in the wash, mattress scrubbed, fan on…. Gonna make some coffee and get a run in tonight. No time this morning if I’m gonna get my teen on the bus and us off to daycare and work.
So… Here’s some motivation to ensure I prioritize the run 🙂


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Running Technique: Foot Strike and Knee Drive


I will definitely try to keep this in mind as I work on being a better runner. I liked the log visual. Maybe it’ll help me pick my feet up better?

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Week 8 Day 3 Couch to 5K

Week 8 Day 3 of Couch to 5K completed! There was a nice breeze and even a sprinkle during my run today. Felt so good and refreshing! I’m actually looking forward to extending the run time for week 9 – how crazy is THAT?!?
This is a favorite tree by my house that I like to look at and photograph. It was cloudy and gray when I snapped this on my iPhone this morning, so I decided to have a little app editing fun :). This is an oak tree. My daughter’s name, Nara, means oak. We planted over 500 oaks after she died. I like to say we will have oaks for grandchildren from her. I love to look at this tall, mighty tree and imagine how her little trees will be even long after we are gone. (We also plant lots of acorns and other types of trees while thinking of her. Nara’s earthly presence will be a forest’s worth of trees).


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